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The essay company offers a range of services from custom writing, editing, proofreading, and rewriting by one of almost 600 writers who make up the company stable. All writers must pass a set of tests in order to work for the company.

Pricing for this company is based upon urgency, academic level, and number of pages. The prices are per page. The company delineates between undergrads: freshman and sophomores are priced differently than juniors and seniors.
A high school paper due in eleven to fourteen days will run $10 per page. The same paper for a college sophomore is $13 per page college senior will be $16 per page.

The Masters student pays $21 and the Ph.D. $28 per page. If you need the paper in eight hours, the price goes up. The high school student lays down $25 per page. The college freshman will pay $31 per page. The college senior will pay $37. The Masters student will pay $45 per page, and this deadline is unavailable for the Ph.D. student, who can only have papers with a twenty-four hours notice.

Proofreading is having your punctuation, spelling, and grammar corrected. It costs the high school student with eleven to fourteen days $2.50 a page, the college sophomore $3, the college senior $3.75, the Masters student $5, and the Ph.D. $6.75 per page. With only eight hours notice, the price goes up to $6 for the high schooler, $11 for the Masters student and is not an option for the Ph.D.

Editing is another service offered. Here, a writer will proofread the drat, reformat and make slight modifications as needed. This means up 30% of your draft could be modified for improvement. For an eleven to fourteen day lead time, the high school student will lay down $5 per page, the college freshman will pay $6, the college senior will pay $7.50, while the Masters student will pay $10 a page. The Ph.D. will pay $13.50 per page. If you need it sooner, the prices more than double.

Finally, this company offers rewriting. This means up to 70% of your paper is rewritten, and your draft is proofread and edited. With an eleven to fourteen lead time, the high school student pays $7.50 per page for this service. The Ph.D. will pay $20.25 per page. With an eight hour deadline, the prices will double, but the Ph.D. doesn’t have this option.

Discounts and free features
Discounts are available for repeat customers. If you spend more than $500 total, you get a 5% lifetime discount. Once you have spent $1000, your discount raises to 10%. Top two thousand dollars and you earn a 15% discount. You get free title pages, free table of contents, free bibliography pages, and free revisions. New customers can request a discount at the time of order.